Friday, January 18, 2013

yep. still here. Oh and IVF too.

Well I know that I have been a little distant lately.  Ok, distant... disappeared... same thing, right?

So yes it has been a long time since my last post and to be honest I think I was just hiding from life for a little while.

So the quick and the dirty... we went our fertility doc in the middle of December and had the big "IVF" talk. 

Yeah.  Three failed IUI's, two with injectable meds...

But.  We are very lucky because we have amazing insurance that covers two rounds of IVF along with the medication.  The medication itself for our first round is $4,620 and we only have to pay $55.

Amazing.  So so lucky.

During our meeting our doc explained that my uterus is not the triangle shape that it should be but a heart shape which must be why none of the IUIs worked because our timing and numbers were perfect. 

Ironic, huh?  Heart shaped uterus that was preventing us from getting pregnant. 

So I had an out patient procedure to fix my heart back to a normal triangle.

Now.  We wait for the magic that is my menstrual cycle so we can start the IVF cycle.  The giant box with the IVF meds came in the mail last week and that is making it all the more real.  My dear hubs is having a little difficulty with the fact that he is going to have to give me injections after the egg retrieval but I told him that we'll get through it together.  Oh and to get the F over it because there is no other choice and I have been jabbing myself in the abdomen for months.

Yeah, did you miss that ... "embryo transfer?"

Which also means there is the "egg retrieval."

This is going to be a hormonal mess of a journey and hopefully I will be together enough to be able to post about it.  It's weird, I haven't had any of the hormone meds in a month and I still feel slightly crazy in the hormone induced way.

More on all this later... time to get ready for work.