Friday, September 13, 2013

Weight Watchers Week 3

Ohhhh I’m frustrated. I have been doing Weight Watchers since August 22nd. I lost 1 lb the first week, .2 the second week (yes, that is point 2 pounds) and then I gained a pound at my meeting last night.
Mother F-er.

I am doing this with 4 other women I work with. One goes to a meeting in another town and the other 3 are doing it online. It’s great to be doing this with people at work because there are usually so many obstacles at the office that having 4 other people to help each other stay on track is great. Also one of the woman is usually the one who brings in baked goodies or has candy on her desk so having her on this journey with us is good because she doesn’t do those things now!

This is the reason why I have joined and quit WW so many times in the past. I have always lost at such a slow rate but I have never lost this slowly before. I also have a good amount to lose so it’s not like I’m just dealing with a pesky 10 pounds here. One of the women in my little group has probably 30 pounds more than me to lose but she’s already lost 18lbs (she started 3 weeks before me)! So I know we all have different amounts to lose and I understand that we’re not going to lose at the same rate but I mean come on!!

I have been very good with tracking and staying on program up until the weekends. We usually have so much going on and are constantly out at someone’s house or out to eat that I try to be good but I don’t do such a good job of tracking everything and I am sure my portions are off. We do get those 49 extra points to use during the week that I tend to use up on the weekends (at least I think I do, not 100% sure since I don’t track 100% on the weekends).

So yeah, I’m probably doing myself a disservice with my lax WW-ness on the weekends. I know I know everyone says the secret to the program is to TRACK EVERYTHING. My leader could tell yesterday that something was up so she came over to talk to me. She’s so super nice. She said that some people actually take a month before they start to see the results. Geez, I never knew that. She offered to look at my food list next meeting… so now I have to be REALLY good and track everything since I have to hand it over in a week!

There is a really nice woman named Becky who I usually sit next to at the meetings. She overheard me talking to the leader and told me about an aqua aerobics class that she’s going to take. She said it’s at the local rec center and she did it last year and really liked it. She said that it starts next week and it’s 6:15-7 and one day a week. I’m not that thrilled about the prospect of getting in a bathing suit and then going into the local pool with a bunch of strangers… I’m not even that thrilled about getting into a bathing suit and going into our backyard pool in front of my husband… but I went home and signed up.

I’m going out to Indian with some girlfriends tonight and I know that if I wasn’t “handing in my homework” in a week I’d be pretty lax on the tracking, maybe not even track or just eyeball it. But today I went online to the restaurant’s website and then compared it to the WW etools and already picked out what I’m going to have so I know the points (Chicken Tikka – 5pts for 4oz, which is a little bigger than my palm). I am leaving myself some points wiggle room for a glass (or two) of wine and then of course it comes with a side basmati rice (3pts for 1/3 cup) which I am sure is not factored into those 5pts.

I need to do this. I need to succeed at this. I feel like at this point, I have no choice. I need to do something that is life changing; I can’t do a quick fix. I have seen that this works. I have met people who have had great success on Weight Watchers. Maybe my body is just all messed up and it’s going to take me longer to lose the weight… seems like the pattern in my life, takes me a lot longer to get to a goal than my peers (hello, infertility).

So maybe this whole thing with my leader looking at my food journal is a good thing because it will force me to be more accountable since clearly just being accountable to me is not enough.

I can do this.
I will do this.
I will succeed.