Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What a WW Find!

I am going to try and do a post (my goal is weekly but that will depend on how busy I am) of a great Weight Watchers friendly item that I have found. As I’ve said before – any product that I write about is something that I use/have tried in real life and I am in no way compensated for it.

Bolthouse Farms Thousand Island Yogurt Dressing

When we had my family over for the “Thanksgiving in October” my cousin brought the salad and a bunch of really great dressings…which she left at the house (score!). I have seen this particular item at the store before and couldn’t remember why I hadn’t bought it. I didn’t have my phone (with the handy dandy WW Scanner app) so I used the WW calculator that I keep in the kitchen… 1 Points Plus for 2 TBSP!

WHOA! I then decided I needed to go grab my phone and use the scanner app because I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t bought this before… then I realized that the scanner app was showing 2pp for 2tbsp… but if you look closely, the nutritional information that is showing on the app is not what is on the back of the bottle.

Sneaky sneaky.

Clearly I liked this stuff because as you can see from the bottle it’s empty. Haha. This is delicious and really makes me feel like I’m eating the real deal and not the “light” option. I have also tried the Caesar Parmesan, also 1pp for 2tbsp although this also scans incorrectly. Those are the only two Bolthouse dressings I have tried but I look forward to trying more!

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